Failed Units

Condensation inside your windows? Glass misting up? You've got a failed unit!

Misted Glass

Double glazing fails when it loses the vacuum between glass and moisture gets in

Blown Double Glazing

Fogginess within the two panes of glass means the protective seals may have failed

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Solutions for misty or foggy windows

Whether you are moving into a new home or if you are having problems with your double glazed windows or doors, you may find you have double glazing failure.

Double glazing is designed to last around 20 years, sometimes longer, but maintaining them is dependent on ensuring they were well installed and have had proper ongoing maintenance.

If you think your double glazing is starting to have problems, such as becoming misty or foggy, don't worry; you probably don't need to replace your whole double glazing. Replacing the sealed units could be a quicker and cheaper solution.

Some common signs that your double glazing units could be failing, include:

  • Misty or foggy windows
  • Condensation
  • Leaks
  • Scratches, cracks or chips
  • Draughts

How do sealed units become misty?

When mist or fog appears between the two glass panes of your double glazed window, you know you've got a problem. Any sign of condensation or misting between the two glass panes will usually require a full sealed unit replacement.

If you put it off, the window will become more misty and full of moisture; the window will not only look unsightly, but you will experience heat loss. A replacement sealed double glazed unit will keep the cold out, keep the heat in your home, and your bills down!

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We replace failed units throughout the North West. Whether it's your lounge window, your back door, or your conservatory window, we will do the best job possible, for a fair price

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About Sealed Units UK

When it comes to replacing misted up double glazing units, you don't have replace the whole window. You can save hundreds of pounds by just changing the glass. If you have condensation in between the glass panes, and can’t clean it off, this means the seal has broken down inside the unit and allowed moisture to enter, causing your double glazing to become misted-up. These are called "failed double glazed units", and replacing failed double glazed glass panels does not have to be expensive.

There are many common problems with double glazed units in windows or doors. The glass can become misted-up on the inside, broken, cracked or shattered. If this happens, Sealed Units UK can replace the glass for all your windows or doors. We measure your existing failed glass units and provide a FREE ‘No obligation’ quote for your replacement new double glazed sealed unit. Whether it’s in UPVC, aluminium or wood, leaded, patterned, coloured or textured glass, we can usually replace it, like for like.

Replacement glass units

Your replacement double glazed units will be manufactured to the same dimensions as your current window for a perfect fit. We’ll even safely dispose of your old glass. Double glazing glass units replacement is our speciality. We will not be beaten on price or the quality of our replacement glass units. Sealed units replaced from just £35 including VAT, and fitting includes a ten year guarantee. There is no deposit to pay, no minimum order value and no credit or debit card charges for your replacement glass either. We can also fix any of your other window or door problems too. We will not be beaten on price, quality or customer service, so call us now for your FREE quote on 07967 186 306 or click here